DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget is possible with some creativity and effort. Transform your bedroom from bland to beautiful by adding a few decorative touches that can be done inexpensively. Create a focal point in your room with a custom headboard, add style with affordable lighting, and spice up the rest of your space with DIY accessories you can make yourself.

Add Value With Framed Artwork

Art creates unity in an otherwise cluttered room but does not have to be expensive to look great. Frame old pieces of artwork or well-known pieces from magazines using inexpensive frames from a craft store. The key to this DIY project is buying the same size frame for each piece you plan to display so that they all look cohesive.

Choose a color that coordinates with your bedroom furniture and walls, then fill the wall above the bed with artwork for a focal point that will create an inviting and interesting space.

Skip Traditional Wall Art to Save Money

Wall art is easily affordable when you skip the traditional framed prints and canvas work. Hang up items you already own, such as scarves, hats, or belts on hooks for a fun wall display. Add color by using patterned scarves or blankets in place of plain solid-colored ones.

Add Personal Touches to a Lamp

Lamps offer a convenient way to add lighting without using up too much space or spending lots of money. Dress up an inexpensive lamp from a thrift store by adding your own personality. Painting the base with bright color, stenciling it with custom designs, and wrapping the cord with ribbon are all easy ways to make a lamp look as if you spent more than you actually did. Mix and match bases for a unique decorating style that can easily be changed out when you tire of it or want to try something new.

Create Curb Appeal With DIY Mailboxes

Mailboxes can either bring curb appeal to your home’s front entrance or detract from your exterior if they do not fit in well with the surroundings. Make your mailbox more personal using pieces of wood, then paint them or stain them to achieve the color that is most appealing to you. Adorn it with your last name for an extra touch.

Create Affordable Wall Art With Shutter Frames

Old shutter frames are easy to find at any thrift store and can be transformed into stunning wall art at home. Simply remove the boards from the frame, mix up some craft paint in your favorite colors, use it as a stencil, and apply the design to each board individually before hanging them on your wall. This inexpensive DIY project can look professional when you’re finished with it, adding style without breaking the bank.


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