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The perfect home decor isn’t achieved through quantity, but rather quality. Hoarding a lot of nice home furnishings and decor doesn’t magically make your living room or bedroom look stylish and pleasing. True home decor experts know that one perfect decor piece can speak volumes. This article brings you some of the most aesthetic decor pieces that will tie your room together and give it that extra touch you didn’t know you needed!


Ceramic Vases 

Everyone already knows what fresh flowers can do for a room. It adds an element of fresh and elegant ambiance to the room. This aura can be elevated with the perfect vase. Large decorative glass vases used to be the most popular vases, but now they are a thing of the past. Now the trendiest vases are ceramic vases. When we say ceramic vases we don’t mean the ones with a shiny glaze finish, ceramic vases with their natural rustic texture are the new “it” item. Even then the textures can differ slightly to give different auras. A more smooth and clean feeling texture will provide your room with a minimalistic aesthetic, while a slightly rugged exterior texture will provide your home with a more boho, natural aesthetic.

In addition to its texture, a ceramic vase comes in many different shapes and forms. Of course, you can opt for a classic cylinder or bottle shape, however, lately, it’s unique and asymmetrical shapes that are the most stylish. While traditional vases only have one opening, these new and unique ceramic vases can come with two or more openings for your flowers. This gives a modern chic and sophisticated look to your home. The only downside is that sometimes these asymmetrical ceramic vases make it difficult to provide your flowers with sufficient water, and they may dry out faster than traditionally shaped vases.

Asymmetrical Mirrors

See a pattern here? Asymmetrical shapes are all the rage lately, with consumers looking for more unique and one of a kind products that will set their home apart from the crowd it’s no surprise asymmetrical mirrors have become trendy. Asymmetrical mirrors can be found in different sizes from full length mirrors you can install on your wall, to small mirrors you can also use a decor on your bedside table. They are usually shaped like asymmetrical blobs and have wavy edges.

Bubble Candles

Maybe you’ve only bought candles that are stored in jars, lately, many stores are selling candles that are not in a jar because of their unique shapes and forms. Some cuter options are candles in the shape of cupcakes and fruit, but the most popular and trendy candles are “bubble candles”. These candles are usually shaped by 3x3x3 bubble balls stuck together in a cube shape. Most people don’t actually light these candles but use them just as home decor pieces.


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