Home Gardening: An Insight Into Tulips And Daffodils Care

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No one can say that they don’t like tulips and daffodils, the most beautiful flowers in the world. Tulips and daffodils are always mesmerizing to our eyes. Tulips are available in various colors ranging from exotic red to marvelous purple, whereas Daffodils presents themselves with romantic yellow color. They are elegant and add richness to your garden.

Both Tulips and daffodils are flowering bulbs. They usually flower during the early spring, and the bulbs should be planted in fall. They can be grown both in water and soil.


  • The right season to plant bulb-like tulips or daffodils is the fall season when the leaves are turning orange or red in color.
  • The bulbs are planted three times deep in the garden. The depth should be very large to protect the plant from the very cold weather of winter.
  • Both the daffodils and tulips can be planted alternatively in a pot or directly in the garden to have a beautiful blend of colors.
  • The conical end of the bulb should be faced upwards, whereas the base should reside on the ground.
  • Protect the bulbs from rodents and squirrels.
  • Any bulb fertilizer or organic fertilizer should be kept while planting, and cover the bulb with adequate mulching.
  • These bulbs will be cooled by the winter and will be ready for flowering in the early spring.
  • Also, the soil should have adequate drainage. The places where water collects and is soggy are not the best places for tulips and daffodils.

Climatic conditions

  • These bulbs need a cooler temperature in spring for flowering. Also, they need cool winters for the bulb to grow.
  • The places where the climate is warm, it is difficult to grow. But you can still try by keeping the bulbs in the refrigerator for about 2- 6 weeks to induce the growth of roots.
  • They are perennial plants. They come year after year. The thing to be taken care of for the flowering of these bulbs is that the foliage should not be removed after the flowering season. This foliage is necessary for the regrowth of daffodils in the next season.


  • Though the bulb itself provides nutrition for plant growth, it is advisable to use any bulb food available in the market or bone meal.
  • When using bone meal, you have to make arrangements for pest control as rodents and squirrels are attracted to them.


  • It is advisable to plant the bulb once it is bought from the shops.
  • However, if you want to store the bulb, you can store it in a cool and dry area till you plant the bulb.

Growing Indoors

  • You can grow tulips and daffodils indoors. But you have to keep them in an area of bright light like window stills or near the patio doors.

Pest Protection

  • Rodents are best prevented from digging out the planted bulbs by placing chicken wire on the top of the bulb till the bulb flowers in spring.
  • Deer also have a tendency to eat the bulb foliage, so protect them from deer by placing various pest control chemicals or mechanical aids.

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