How I Spend My Day

DATE : April 20, 2022 By :

Getting up at 8am, usually, I take the dogs, one black lab and one chow out to do their business one at a time.  They get their dry and some canned food with Glucosamine chews to strengthen their bones. When I take them out, I always hope there are no other dogs, bikes, bunnies, squirrels or birds out at the time. The dogs will pull me towards them with such force that I have to hold on to them for dear life and they bark like crazy. After bringing them in I can have my breakfast. Having Muesli and banana bread muffins today, with my Keurig made coffee, take my medications and plan my day.

Have to do my daily beauty routine consisting of washing my face, applying Oil of Olay cream then a dab of “Miami MD” cream for my wrinkles. It seems to be working.

Checking the weather outside I dress accordingly and will do my fast walking for 2 miles, some uphill, with either my sister or a friend. Noticing the beautiful cherry trees in bloom as well as all the manicured lawns we walk carefully around the blocks.

After the walk, will decide what to have for lunch. Drinking plenty of water, having a salad with parmesan cheese and Ken’s creamy Caesar dressing, strawberries or cantaloupe to add fruit to my diet. Then, washing laundry, folding and putting them away. I have a good mystery to read on my kindle before getting the dinner ready. Today I’m making lasagna with my cucumber salad.

In the evening, from 4-9pm I’m teaching CNA’s to become future Nurses which I enjoy as they are eager to learn.


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