How Many Types Of Wood Crafting Are There?

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Wood carving is one of the oldest forms of crafting which started about 11000 years ago and early examples can be found in the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and the Chinese civilizations. Many different styles and techniques have evolved from these times, and some are still in practice today.


Whittling is the oldest form of wood carving and all you need is a knife a very sharp knife. To start whittling you need to learn the three main strokes which are:

  • Pull Stroke – which is the most common of the three and is likened to paring in short, controlled strokes.
  • Push Stroke – which is a pushing motion using your left thumb and guided by your right thumb.
  • Straight-away rough-cutting – this is the longest stroke used and it is as the name suggests used at the start of the project to form the general shape.

Relief Carving

Relief carving is difficult, you need to have more experience before trying your hand at this type of carving. Carving 3D images out of a flat piece of wood results in a figurine that is 3 dimensional while the back remains flat.

Chip Carving

Chip carving can sometimes be mistaken for Relief Carving because the result is also a 3D figurine or face, but the difference is in the carving method itself. In Chip Carving you will need to chip away at the flat piece of wood to form the image.

Carving in the Round

The craftsman will take a piece of wood and carve life-like sculptures that are smooth and three dimensional. These craftsmen use several tools to get this natural beautiful carving some of the tools they use are chisels and gouges and an assortment of hand tools.

What wood do wood crafters use?

The best wood to use for beginners is Basswood it grows extensively across several States and into Canada. This wood has a soft texture and fine grain when carving it holds details and is light in color which allows the craftsman to stain it to his or her preference.

What tools are needed to start wood crafting?

If you are not sure if wood crafting is for you, start off this crafting journey by purchasing a sharp craft knife. If you are wanting to get the basic set to start off then you will need to have 3 tools they are: Woodcutting Knife, Chisel, and Gouge.

4 tips to follow as a beginner

  1. Purchase a pair of carving gloves to protect your hands as a beginner.
  2. Avoid hand fatigue by making sure that the knife has a comfortable grip.
  3. Always follow the grain it makes carving much easier.
  4. Draw your design either on transfer paper or directly onto the wood.

Carving into wood is a very satisfying hobby and loved and mastered by thousand of craftsmen through the centuries. It is the type of hobby that you need to try before you will know if it is for you or not.

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