Practical Ways To Furnish Your Guest Bedroom

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When we have guests to stay, we want them to feel welcome and comfortable, and the best place to start is the guest bedroom. Two things to keep in mind when furnishing your guestroom; firstly, there must be enough space in the room for their belongings. Secondly, think of the little things that show your guest that you care about them and want them to enjoy their stay with you.

Choosing and furnishing your guest bed

Guestrooms come in all shapes and sizes; measure out whether your room can hold a queen or a double bed; it is important that your guests do not feel cramped. Once you have chosen your bed, invest in a firm mattress and cover. Good quality linen will last for many years; white will match all your room’s furnishings and can be accepted by the choices you make with your soft furnishings. At the least, have 4 plump pillows and an array of cushions to match the color palette of the room. If you choose to attach a bedhead, ensure that the cushions complement the style and color.

Make sure your offer ample closet space

When furnishing your guestroom think about what you would like as a guest. It is advisable to have a closet that can accommodate 2 guests, their hanging clothes, and a couple of drawers each. If you choose to have a wall to ceiling closet, there should be an accessible part for their luggage or carry on inside the wardrobe.

All guest bedrooms must include a bedside table

Bedside tables should be placed next to the bed; if it is a smaller space, consider attaching a ledge to the walls on either side of the bed. Being able to reach for a glass of water in the night, and having your book or phone close by is necessary. Your guest will be thankful for the addition of a bedside lamp. Make it easy for them to charge their phones or tablets, having extension cords and chargers plugged in and ready to use on the nightstands.

Offer your guests a dressing mirror

Invest in a full-length mirror for the guest bedroom; your guest will be very grateful. If the wall space does not allow for this, consider attaching it to the inside of the closet door or behind the door leading into the room.

Unique and local artwork

When choosing artwork, it is advisable to choose a local scene, either a painting, print, or photograph, for the guest room, as invariably your guests will be from out of town. Work by a local artist will be an appreciated and thoughtful addition to the décor of the room.

Some final touches to bear in mind use block-out curtaining, which will be respectful to guests that are not used to your time zone and may need to sleep off their jet lag. A set of towels and some basic toiletries, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and even a couple of toothbrushes. Perhaps a small percolator 2 mugs and some local biscuits, and a fresh bunch of flowers will finish the furnishings for your guest room.

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