Revamping And Re-Furnishing Your Dining Room

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If you can’t use your dining room for dining, then it is time to revamp and renew. All those papers and bills strewn across the table can be collected, and with the investment of a small trolley, you can still use the table as a desk by wheeling your bills in and out as needed.

Preparing your space for a revamp

Here is a project that is easily accomplished on the weekend. Start by deciding what are you going to change? Is it a full revamp or just some minor upgrades? Are there any items you will need to purchase? If you are painting, empty your room the night before and prep to save time. Cover the furniture and floor covering with drop cloths and ensure all the light switches and windowpanes are taped or, if possible, remove them before painting. Start with cutting in and then fill the wall; in this way, you will get an even distribution of paint, and it will look professionally done.

Repainting and decorating walls

Painting a room always brings fresh new energy to the space. When deciding your color palette, incorporate all furnishing hard and soft and choose a versatile wall color that is easy to clean and accessorize. Once the painting is finished, you can start hanging an original art piece that will spark dinner conversation. For adding depth to the room, use a set of large mirrors across one of your walls. If you prefer, you can measure a section of the wall and ask your local glass and mirror merchant to cut squares so you can make your own unique mirror motif. This will take a little longer than hanging mirrors but will give the room a personal flare and save on budget. A sideboard or serving bench will look stunning placed below the wall mirrors.

Ceilings and Light Fittings

Use a different hue on the ceiling to the one on the wall; even just one shade lighter or darker will make an impact. Remember to paint the ceiling first before the walls and ensure all furniture is out of the room or covered. If your dining table is small, consider hanging a decorative light pendant directly over the middle of the table. For longer and larger suites, the addition of two pendants positioned at the heads of the table and hung low will make a bold statement. Some grandeur can be attained by placing two sconces on either side of your artwork plug-ins will be necessary for this weekend project but will still have the same effect.

Under the Table and On the Table

Adding a thick plush rug over your existing carpet mutes and absorbs sounds that exude a decadent atmosphere. Choose your colors wisely, matching your rug color and pattern to your seat coverings and style of furniture. The last part of your weekend revamp is to think about your centerpiece for small chic round tables. A vase of fresh flowers will be sufficient. Larger, more sophisticated dining rooms will need more table décor, a fabric runner with candelabras on each end, and some greenery will complete the room.

There you have it, a weekend of revamping the dining room. With the addition of a few items and a tweak here and there, dinner parties are once again possible in your new revamped dining room.

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