Starting A Home Pottery Studio

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One of the reasons that pottery is so popular is because it is relaxing, creative, and functional. Getting started in pottery can be very expensive it would be best as a beginner to start with purchasing some clay that can be dried in your kitchen oven. You can also buy air drying clay and start by making some small items to see if pottery is the craft for you.

What space is needed for setting up a craft like pottery at home?

The first thing you need to establish is what kind of pottery are you going to be doing. If you are crafting pots and items by hand, then you will need less space than if you are throwing, which requires enough space to accommodate your potter’s wheel. Keep in mind that throwing is very messy the clay splatters will be on the floors and walls surrounding your wheel. On the other hand, crafting by hand can be done at a table in your kitchen or even dining area and the mess is minimal.

What equipment would you need for pottery at home?

If you are seriously interested in this craft and wanting to set up a small studio at home you will need to purchase a potter’s wheel, a sturdy worktable, storage area for clay and shelves for your masterpieces. Make sure that you have a sink and tool area as well as a separate space to house your kiln for firing and glazing your pottery.

Do you need a lot of storage for this craft?

Yes, you do need a fair amount of storage you will need two storage areas one will be for your materials, and they will need to be kept in secure bins and on shelves out of reach of children and animals. The second area is for your pottery the pottery that is going to be fired and the finished glazed pieces. Your storage should ideally be strong shelves firmly fixed to the wall.

How much lighting and electrical outlets will be needed?

Lighting is always important for any craft or hobby and pottery is no exception. Invest in good lighting but not spotlights ambient lighting will be sufficient for this craft. If you are planning to use a motorized potter’s wheel and an electric kiln it would be best to consult with your electrician as the kiln will need heavy duty wiring.

Do I need special plumbing for my pottery craft?

If you do not want problems with your plumbing, ensure that no clay ever goes down the drain and the glaze too because the glaze can contain toxins that are not environmentally friendly. You need access to running water to work with clay and the best way to save your plumbing is to wash your hands and your tools in buckets of water removing most of the clay before rinsing your hands at the sink.

When using a kiln will I be able to use it indoors?

Kilns give off toxins from the glaze and it is imperative that you have a fully ventilated room, if possible, have double doors and several windows open when firing your pottery. If this is not possible then you will need to have a certified installer visit and install a proper ventilation system in keeping with safety regulations.

In conclusion this craft is expensive to accumulate all the items necessary for setting up your first pottery studio. You will know after working with the air-drying clay whether it is worth it for you to pursue this craft. You need to be passionate to invest time and money but the satisfaction from seeing the journey through from a lump of clay to the finished product is well worth it.

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