The Good, The Great and The Grand– Window Treatments 2022

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Windows have multiple functions; they let natural light in, ventilate the room, create privacy, and keep the cold winter air out. Enhancing the mood of the room depends on the choice of window dressings; it can transform a space into a formal, elegant dining room or a playful, bright sunroom.

There is a new trend emerging, accentuating the non-dressed window by using a living window dressing. Tall glass jars filled with water and plants create a beautiful natural window treatment. In the kitchen, it is becoming trendy to propagate and use living herbs on your windowsill, which double as a natural screen.

Windows with these plant dressings will have no privacy; however, if the window is facing onto a public street or a neighbor’s home, here is a suggestion to still enjoy this new trend and have privacy. Choose to fit stylish shutters to the outside of your window that can be closed in the evening when you will need to use your overhead lighting or shut out the winter weather.

2021 has seen the use of muted wall paints and the use of vibrant, bright colors on window dressing choices. One of the most sought after and popular is the Roman blinds. These blinds are chosen because they provide privacy but also allow natural light in. They come in an array of colors, giving a splash of vibrancy to any room.

Roller blinds are usually used because they come in natural woven fibers, for example, Bamboo, which is very versatile in-home décor. The combination of using these beautiful natural blinds with a soft white cotton curtain will suggest the new modern farmhouse decorating style.

A word of caution when choosing your bathroom window treatments, wooden Plantation shutters are not friends with moisture. If you want to have shutters in your bathroom, they come in various materials; vinyl, faux wood, and aluminum. Shutters can be vertical or horizontal, corded, cordless, and even motorized.

Do not underestimate the importance of the hardware that you choose for your curtains and other window treatments. A streamlined metal rod is very in now but don’t forget to take extra time to match your finial, tie-backs, and rings to suit the style of the space that you are decorating.

Families with young children are opting for home automation and cordless blinds because they are safe for children under 6 years old. For people with disabilities or patients, recuperating from illness, technology is a welcome addition to the home, allowing the opening or closing of window dressing to be done with a touch of a button from anywhere in the house.

We all love to follow trends, but when you are living in a space every day, it is very important that you choose wisely. When you love a window treatment, it will give you joy daily. Consider what function the blinds, curtains, shutters, or living treatments are going to have on the space before committing to purchasing.

Above all, have fun and find your good, great, and grand window treatments that will make this home décor journey one to remember.

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